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A Natural 3 Part Pond Care Program that Works!

Koenders Water Solutions designed the Nature's Pond 3 Step Pond Care Program to remove pollutants from contaminated water, including but not limited to phosphorus and nutrient pollution in ponds. With three simple steps you can RENEW, REVIVE, and REMOVE to:

  • Create clean, clear water

  • Remove algae and weeds

  • Reduce pond sludge and odors

  • Be safe for people, pets, plants, fish, birds, livestock and wildlife

Step 1 - Renew

Nature's Pond powered by Koenders Water Solutions Inc has been working with Farmers, Municipalities, Golf Courses, and Pond Owners for the last 30 years manufacturing products that reduce the need for chemical treatments, and clean and clear water naturally.

Using a natural pond conditioner can safely clean and clear the water at the same it can reduce muck and sludge on the bottom. Nature’s Pond Conditioner contains a natural blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that are designed to both clean and clear the water and combat pond sludge and muck. Most importantly it is completely safe to use with fish in the water, unlike some herbicides and algaecides that contain chemicals that can be harmful to fish and the people who eat them. Visit Nature's Pond Care to get started with your Nature's Pond Conditioner.

Step 2 - Revive

Natures Pond Conditioner is a powerful formula that goes to work breaking down and

consuming phosphorus, nitrogen, cyanobacteria and other polluting nutrients to start the process towards clean and clear water.

Once the nutrients have been broken down, bottom up aeration infuses the water with oxygen, allowing the digested nutrients to make its way out of the pond and into the air. The oxygen supports the beneficial bacteria in the water to further help eradicate cyanobacteria and polluting nutrients. Koenders Water Solutions manufacture's several models of electric, windmill and solar powered aeration systems. You can find a full product list at

Step 3 - Remove

Finally, remove unwanted aquatic vegetation manually to maintain the health of your pond

with the Cutter n’ Rake. Removing vegetation is much more effective that killing it off with herbicides and algaecides. When this approach is used, the dead matter sinks to the bottom, creating a build up of muck and sludge. The best way to avoid this is by simple

removal with a Cutter n' Rake, with a detachable floating head you can effectively cut and rake out vegetation from the surface and depths of a pond.

Visit Koenders Water Solutions to get your own Cutter N' Rake.

By following our simple, cost-effective 3 step program, you can eliminate the effects of phosphorous and improve the health of your pond, NATURALLY.

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